The PhD in Industrial Engineering of the Rome "Tor Vergata" University has made multidisciplinary approach and close relationships with national and international companies its distinctive character. The research topics present in the PhD program cover a wide range of applications such as: industrial design, new materials and technologies, energy and the environment, engineering applications for medicine and sports, sensors, robotics, diagnostics for cultural heritage and management. This choice has proved successful and the doctorate has grown remarkably in the past years, bringing together colleagues from other universities and thematic areas. An extensive network of international relationships was developed and quite a few agreements were achieved with companies with research and development departments operating in different industrial sectors. This approach is assessed by the fact that members of the teaching panel belong to research institutes and universities from 12 countries of the European community. In addition, many national and international companies actively collaborate to the PhD programme, 15 of which have signed specific permanent agreements. The Doctorate is also associated with 8 international universities from France, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Albania, India, Mexico and United States of America. As a result, an average of about 80 PhD students have been attending the programme each year in the last 5 years, approximately 30% of them coming from foreign countries. Basically the main goal of the PhD programme is to train students to become “problem solvers”. In order to do so, academic and specialist courses are given, as well as seminars, schools and guided research activities. The duration of this whole set of training activities is 3 years. It is intended to provide the students with quite a few skills in their specific area of interest, such as: theoretical knowledge, experimental abilities, technological expertise, methods for calculus, modelling and simulation.


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